Why donate to Saving the Children foundation?

Saving the Children foundation is a non-profit organization comprised of approximately 150 devoted volunteers representing it. Through innovative fundraising, these dedicated donation for children with the vibrant future they so richly deserve.Every year since its incorporation, a thoroughly researched, tax-exempt children’s agency (or multiple agencies) benefits from the year-round fundraising programs.

  • We fund only non-profit agencies serving the needs of children.
  • Our beneficiary selection process includes a detailed application, multiple presentations, a thorough and professional analysis of financial statements as well as an investigation of mortgages and leases, and a site visit to help ensure each beneficiary is a viable, sustainable entity.

Please join us to support Saving the Children foundation ongoing mission to help meet the needs of all the children!

A group of smiling Bolivian children give a big “thumbs up” at an Early Childhood Development program in the village of San Ignacio de Mojos, Bolivia. There are 57 students in the school. Photo credit: Susan Warner/Save the Children,.

Jesus’ love at the center. Always.

We’re Christian – as in we follow Jesus’ example to show unconditional love to the poor and oppressed. Serving every child we can – of any faith or none.

Dangerously soft-hearted.
But just the right kind of dangerous.

That’s because we’re a global Christian humanitarian organization. We partner with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.