Food today. Food security tomorrow.

In a World that wastes billions of pounds of food each year, it’s almost shocking that anyone in World goes hungry. Yet every day, there are millions of children and adults who do not get the meals they need to thrive. We work to get nourishing food – from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers – to people in need. At the same time, we also seek to help the people we serve build a path to a brighter, food-secure future.

A Focus on Health

Sick people who don’t receive care can’t work; they get poor or stay poor, and people who are poor are at higher risk of getting sick. Breaking this vicious cycle is an enormously complex endeavor, which requires changes in many areas other than health services. But under any scenario, better access to health services is essential.


There are many ways you can support our mission of delivering health and hope to the world. Explore our programs and find out how you can get involved in helping meet the need for medical supplies and equipment in developing countries around the world.

Bringing Books to Children


Access to a variety of engaging books motivates students to read and spend more time practicing and developing their skills. SavingtheChildren Foundation literacy trainers work with teachers to ensure students read every day, both in and out of the classroom. Many schools also host Adventures in Reading, SavingtheChildren Foundation school-break literacy program. Through read-alouds, games, and literacy activities, the four-week sessions give children access to books and opportunities to continue developing their reading skills while school is not in session.

By the end of 2018, 68 percent of SavingtheChildren Foundation schools had implemented  one or more strategies to increase students’ independent reading time. These changes help create a culture of literacy that supports student learning and increases the long-term sustainability of the program.

Pulling up the roots of poverty and planting the seeds of change.

Building relationships. Earning the right to be heard. Planning and working alongside local leaders. Finding solutions to change the future for their kids and the next generation.

Savingthechildren Foundation  focus on improving the well-being of children in need, especially the most vulnerable. We are uniquely equipped to go to the world’s most broken, heart-wrenching places. Places where it’s hard to be a child. Places where other child sponsorship organizations don’t often go.

We take a holistic approach, working alongside communities to tackle the root causes of poverty and create sustainable change. For every child sponsored through Savingthechildren Foundation, another 4 children will also benefit. That’s because we work to strengthen the whole community, so all children can thrive.